The Team

Dan Paulson is an international speaker, author, and coach. After working for corporate America , Dan started Invision Development International in Madison, WI. Invision works with companies to improve processes, reach higher levels of success, and help ownership actually enjoy their businesses.

Dan co-authored Selling For Geniuses and is the author of Apples to Apples: How To Stand Out From Your Competition.

Andy Davis is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Madison Youth Performing Arts Foundation, founder of the Pretos Leadership Institute, an author and lecturer. His book Charlie’s Journey A Leadership Fable outlines leadership lessons for anyone that takes a leadership role.

Andy’s latest book is A Fulfilling Aging Plan. It looks at how retirement affects individuals and their families, and takes that beyond just the financial repercussions.

Randy Gunter is a partner in the Gunter Agency, based in Belleville, WI. The  advertising and marketing firm has developed national and international programs for companies that include Kimberly-Clark, Rayovac, OshKosh B’Gosh, Charter Business, Firestone, Fiskars, and other well-known brands.

Randy is also a partner in Sugar River Trading Company, a manufacturing and distribution company that includes the McNess line of home products.