How It Works

How does Fusion Resource Network work?

Fusion team members start with a multi-disciplined “triage” of your business: an analysis of where you are, what you are facing, and where you want to go. This culminates into recommendations on a best plan of action to move forward.  You use these recommendations to establish the priorities you wish to address and the urgency of when you wish them addressed and resolved.

Our Fusion Triage and Report is a three-step process:

• Discovery: Beginning with pre-meeting questionnaires, followed by the initial discovery meeting with the Fusion team and your decision makers/executive team, our Fusion team makes a preliminary assessment of your needs and opportunities.  (This is a 2-4 hour process based on pre-work, a 90 minute Discovery meeting and our team’s analysis work.)

• Formal Analysis: The team reviews all information from the Discovery meeting, creates our initial recommendations and then shares them in a second meeting for clarification and development. (This is a 2-4 hour process based on our analysis and recommendation time, a 120 minute Formal Analysis meeting with you and our team’s work after this meeting based on the clarifications, prioritization and development areas you want to focus on.)

• Report: The Fusion team presents our completed Analysis and Recommendations Report. (This is a 4-5 hours process between our analysis and development of recommendations, culminating in a 2 hour presentation with your team.)

This process should take 2-3 weeks from the initial meeting.  We normally will plan one week between meetings, but this can be adjusted according to your schedule and needs.